2 months ago
2 months ago
Support for the BSC / BNB chain will be discontinued soon. We urge all users to transfer their #XPB holdings from BSC to another blockchain at the earliest opportunity.
2 months ago
BlockFeed Token (XBF) is now live on Ethereum! πŸš€

Contract Address: 0xE075eDd828Ad35d7288e57D329FE84ADf8763Ba8
Ticker: XBF
Max Supply: 1 million

Liquidity Pair: XBF/XPB
Initial Liquidity: 1M XPB and 500k XBF
Uniswap Listing Date: Stay tuned for the announcement!

Get ready to trade and engage with #XBF on the blockchain. More details coming soon! #BlockFeedToken #CryptoNews
2 months ago
πŸš€ Exciting news from #PowBlocks ! We're thrilled to introduce our new utility token: #BlockFeed ! 🌟

🎁 Join our bounty & marketing initiatives for amazing rewards.
πŸ’° Dive into DeFi farming with XPB for top returns.
πŸ”‘ Unlock premium & VIP benefits.

Welcome to a new era of blockchain innovation with BlockFeed! 🌐 #TokenLaunch
2 months ago
Proof of Work is crucial in blockchain technology as it secures networks, deters malicious actors, and ensures consensus. By requiring computational effort for block creation, it fosters a decentralized and trustless system, making digital currencies like PowBlocks resilient and secure.

#PowBlocks #XPB #ProofOfWork
2 months ago
πŸš€ Greetings #BlockFeed community!

We're thrilled to introduce #MetaChain - a cutting-edge Proof of Work blockchain, powered by the Ethash-Blake3 algorithm.

Mark your calendars πŸ—“οΈ: Our mainnet launches tomorrow at 9:00 AM UTC!

Get ready to dive into the future of blockchain with us.

#MainnetLaunch #META
Minh QuΓ’n Minh ChΓ’u
3 months ago

Blockscout is a tool for inspecting and **** yzing EVM based blockchains. Blockchain explorer for Ethereum Networks.
3 months ago
Hello, @PowBlocks i want to suggest onyou to suggest on me a sugestion list to follow new accounts
#PowBlocks #XPB #suggestion #blockchain
3 months ago
Proof of Work ensures #blockchain security & decentralization, making attacks costly and impractical. By requiring computational work, it deters frivolous or malicious use, securing networks like #PowBlocks against fraud. PoW's transparency and energy incentivize renewable energy solutions.

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